How to remove fbi virus with safe mode?

How to remove FBI virus with safe mode?

Is your PC blasting a ‘The Federal Bureau Investigation’ alert affirming that your PC has been obstructed due to copyright and related rights encroachment? By then don’t pressure the FBI isn’t behind you, it is just the FBI contamination. In this article you will know how to remove fbi virus with safe mode.


FBI contamination is an insightful malware which gets into the concentrated on PC without getting related to the help of Trojan.Lockscreen. This contamination presents itself as the FBI and exhibits an intense alert. This alert exhibits that you have done some illegal work or neglected computerized laws and make portion to unblock your PC. This program is scattered by cheats just to con your and other people’s money. This contamination has spread malady rapidly to a considerable number of PCs in these years. The PC customers get paralyzed by watching such an alert assuming it is from the FBI, when they dispatch the Windows system. Most of the antivirus still can’t empty this disease. Despite this there are few traps to recover get to and oust this loathsome disease. FBI disease will spoil your email too for that you need to contact AOL helpline support phone number.

HOW TO DELETE THE FBI VIRUS WITH SAFE MODE? Step 1: Turn on your PC. Step 2: Click F8 key regularly as your computer boots up which will bring the Advanced Boot Options screen. Step 3: Select “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” using the arrow keys and hit enter. A command prompt window will appear.

Step 4: Type “rstrui.exe” or “C:\windows\system32\rstrui.exe” (if rstrui.exe doesn’t work) in the command prompt window and hit the Enter button. This command opens up the System Restore application. Step 5: Select a restore point that shows a previous date and time. Select a date which was far prior from the date of infection. Step 6: Click on Next and validate that the restore point chosen is exact. Step 7: Click on Finish and with this the computer will start restoring itself to the state it was in on the date and time you have nominated.

Step 8: Open an internet period on your browser Step 9: Navigate to a website that provides antivirus like Norton Free Antivirus, FortiClient 5.0,etc. Step 10: Download the antivirus. Step 11: Wait for the software to mount on your computer. Step 12: Run a full scan on your computer with the antivirus which will spot the viruses and remaining traces of FBI virus on your computer. Step 13: Select the option to remove all the noticed viruses. Step 14: Make changes in the antivirus so that it runs in related all the times.

HOW TO AVOID THE FBI VIRUS? You can shield your PC from getting sullied by the FBI disease by not going to suspicious destinations, keeping up a vital separation from unnecessary downloads and not opening suspicious internet organizing joins. The best way to deal with shield your PC from being sullied by the FBI contamination is presenting a dependable antivirus on your PC. The free ones normally clear and empty some malwares however the full and master antivirus gives progressing confirmation from such contaminations. Present an assumed and full frame antivirus like Norton to get your PC totally protected to present Norton get help from Norton tech support  UK.


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